Live Super Happy NOW!


We exist in a constant flow of energies that synchronize to make our “Present” what it is. These energies can be defined or experienced in many forms. One of them is thought time and emotions:

Yesterday…You experienced life and how you processed it with your free will (personal choice of attitude), produced emotions that energized bits and pieces of situations that will happen today and in the future.

Today..Everything that happens to you, is the result of the emotions you have decided to “feel” in days like yesterday and behind. Your past attitudes towards life have produced the experience you have in front and outside of your today. The one thing you have to concentrate on is remembering how it works and that through your attitude and emotions you create the futures.

Tomorrow…Is like an innocent and defenseless child destined to become a powerful unavoidable force in your life someday. How it treats you when you wake up on that day solely depends on what you taught it through your emotions and thoughts Today.

For the careless, the emotions they put out are arranged at random for their future. As you become more aware that the life cycle is almost mathematical and live by it; the gap between emotions and manifestations start becoming more and more recognizable. This is the beginning of a self powered magical life!

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