The Test of the Healer


The hero is the person that is willing to leave his zone of comfort and safety to help another, very often unknown, person out of a negative place.

There is a very similar understanding in shamanism. If you are to help or heal someone there is a conscious decision to submerge yourself in their predicament and wrestle with whatever negative energies they have gotten themselves entangled with. I can humbly share right now, that this calling takes you to brink of breaking in some cases.

This is why, I so often remind the spiritual community that this work is for warriors and that “peace and love” are luxuries while performing these arts.

I share this because, very often, I reply emails late, postpone appointments, don’t have patience for whiners or deny applications to apprentices. If you are one of the many healers that follow me or communicate with me on a regular basis, take the above information to heart. Only work when you are centered and strong and most importantly always know your limits. Cycles and energies are shifting much more aggressively than a few years ago. What may seem as a simple session could be the little push needed to a massive cleanse or activation. As we are all connected this process will fully engulf you as well. If you haven’t been initiated in “critical rite of passage” feel free to contact me. If you  know me personally you know what I am talking about, and some of the intense experiences I have engaged in. Always with Light and Love my friends…

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