Shaman Flavio Receives a Visit from Science

DocA professional in the field of the mental sciences came to see me as a client. He had reached a plateau in his practice/personal life and wanted to explore other possibilities. As the session began with the sage and palo santo smoke, he bolted out of the massage table and asked me what I was doing, then requested that I stop the smoke. I did. Then came the drumming, as I explained that a steady beat for approximately 10 minutes would ease him into a very subtle relaxation state, again his demeanor stiffened and he said that he’d rather not have the drumming. I saw how uncomfortable and stressed he was and didn’t insist. He asked if we could just “talk” instead. This is what we did for a little over an hour. As he got ready to leave, he thanked me and in a more authoritative attitude told me that the “session…had been very interesting and informative”, he added that now he knew what shamanism was about and that he might return at a later date for more “research”. I smiled and nodded at him and bid him farewell. My nodding was in acceptance of his Path. I knew, I’d  probably not see him again. His fears and scientific concepts had kept him from listening. Stopping me and controlling the session had maintained his reality’s limits safe. It was candid to see how nervous and helpless he felt when he first arrived and how self assured and almost superior he felt as he walked out. I guess, he felt he had conquered some sort of a self imposed dare and had confirmed that shamanism is not a life changing experience. I wonder if this is the way most great men of science whom lead human research have approached all mystical knowledge.

On a side note, through out the hour I had some beads in my hand. As the scientist spoke the beads spoke as well. They told me about his fears, about his self imposed limitations, they sang every time he hinted at a new refreshing attitude he should embrace towards life. I veered the conversation in that direction and many times suggested those directions and changes to him, but he never caught the suggestions. It was almost as if he was trying to convince himself of the story his ego had created. I see this all the time in my sessions, the difference is that after the drumming, the client is in a relaxed state and this allows the information I share to pass directly into the subconscious, bypassing the ego’s filters.

We all have an ego and egos will naturally make stories about who we are and what life we live. These stories can be heroic, limiting, tragic, magic, dramatic, boring, etc. The Shaman helps discern the type of story you are creating and adjust it best to your soul’s potential. In the end our experience on Mother Earth is about a wonderful adventure in which we are all heroes. Embrace the adventure, embrace new experiences…live, love and shine bright!

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