Perfect Life Recipe=Devastation



There is no such thing as a perfect recipe, because it implies total control of life and all its unpredictability. The whole point of being in this existence is the adventure, the exhilaration of love and its achievements. A better way is to consider life as a process to a result. Don’t focus on the recipe and the exact measurements, instead look into the flavors and how well they harmonize with each other.

In real life scenarios, don’t look for the perfect soul mate, just wander, explore and harmonize with what you find to create a wonderful outcome. Professionally, avoid playing it safe and following the herd, instead dream, invent and solve. With health, doctors don’t know everything, they can guarantee very little; so, listen to your body, observe what it is preferring and seek more of it as it eases itself back into health.

There is a way to minimize devastating surprises and increase chances of harmony; it is through Self-Mastery. Accept that life is not a scary enemy, but rather an unyielding teacher. Life will always reflect those situations we must encounter to evolve and become wiser. If you want anything to change outside of you the responsibility begins within. If you receive a negative surprise, your first question should be to yourself. Always be present, pay attention with all your senses beginning from the inside out.

Forget recipes…embrace Mastery!

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