Zika, Bats, Cardinals and Harmony


If given enough time and observation, Mother Nature will always guarantee us a healthy balance in our environment. Currently here in Miami, Zika is creating lots of chatter. Long Island for example is using bats as a natural way to contain mosquitoes: “The Town of North Hempstead is using bats to combat mosquitoes. Bats eat mosquitos and other insects“. We Shamans suggest great precautions be taken by pregnant ladies, and we also KNOW this dis-balance will come to an end. Below is an example of how this is occurring with another unwanted condition:

“mosquitoes responsible for transmitting the West Nile Virus like feeding on robins and cardinals about the same, but for some reason, robins are like little viral factories. Meanwhile, due to some fluke of biology, West Nile doesn’t reproduce as much in cardinals, making them less efficient carriers for the disease.

What makes this all so curious is that Levine and her colleagues found that while mosquitoes in Atlanta love to feed on robins earlier in the year, they switch over to a mostly cardinal diet

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Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/when-it-comes-to-west-nile-virus-atlantas-cardinals-may-be-our-feathered-saviors-180960076/#iRG5GyPy2UbmLQKx.99
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