I can’t Fix my Car, but I know I am a Mechanic!


Many people contact me with the romantic ideal that they have a destiny in metaphysical work. They expect me to welcome them with open arms, or worst yet, to recognize their “vibe” and acknowledge them as special and unique.

Here is my take on that:

  • We are all Special and Unique, there are absolutely No Exceptions! Humans are endowed with Divinity and Free Will, this means you can self evolve in any direction you want.
  • I don’t Embrace. We are in an extremely important human transition. We, the ones that have been granted a tiny piece of this mission understand the starkness of what is at stake. This creates very little sympathy for posers.
  • If something tells you that you are a healer, mystic, psychic, etc; good, and welcome to the human race…we all are, most of us have just forgotten it.
  • If you feel lost and you “know” that your destiny is in the metaphysical; first and foremost find yourself, no one can or should do it for you, this would steal your power.
  • True Masters, blend in and never ever use attitude, speech, tattoos, clothing, accessories, etc. to advertise or heighten their craft (this doesn’t apply in cultural customs). The power will reflect very strongly in the aura and their presence. Naturally, anything external would want to be avoided, because this would be as an insult to the internal.
  • If you are already activated, most likely you already went through some very traumatic experiences or you have always felt alien to this material construct; both cases develop the inner warrior and a certain type of maturity that only other activated ones can recognize.
  • If you are humble and want to learn, most masters, if within their capacity, will share their knowledge, but know that there will be many trials, tests of character, and intentional discomforts directed at the ego (never to anything that can have negative repercussions. Ie: money, health, sex, radicalism, other living beings, etc.)
  • Know that once you begin the Path, the knowledge itself will change the way you live and the way life behaves with you. Once you know…you can’t unknow, you can’t return to a blind mundane lifestyle. Many useless ideals will be missed and yet understood as useless at the same time. In many ways the darkness will be missed as the Path of Light is advanced.

As I reviewed what I shared above, I asked myself: why would someone want to go through this? The answer is simple…you already are! We all are. Life, is a process of evolution for your soul. Metaphysical studies accelerate it. Never the less, a family, career or hobby will naturally develop the same soul skills at a milder pace. One of my Masters once told me: “You are going to have to put in the same amount of effort for a couple of years regardless of the way you experience it…might as well be something you chose”.  So, if you want to be a mechanic (or a mystic), be one, but make sure you exercise your inner power and chose it. Avoid wording it as if it is something elusive taunting you, because that screams: ego trip.

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