Once Again, Scientist Just Discovering What Shamans Have known for Millenia



Scientific Studies Are Shrinking The Gaps Between Plants, Animals And Human Beings

“The reader may view this as a mystic or new-age vision, and not science. However, such feeling of oneness with plants has been the way of the shamans in many cultures. Anthropological literature overflows with such accounts where shamanic traditions have their seers become “one” with plants and communicate with them to learn how they can heal humanity or bring visions to them.

Science may tentatively touch this aspect of knowing as well. Professor Anthony J. Trewavas at the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology of the University of Edinburgh is well known for his work on plant physiology.”

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The above article is filled the names of Universities, “Professors” and “Doctors”. All those years of effort in study and funds for research to assert a fact that any child can observe within a few hours in nature. Not to mention the  experiments, which had to do with putting the plants under stress to study their behavior.

I have said it many times before and I will continue saying it, something is very wrong in the rationale of how information is accepted. Shamans can help! We are desperately needed. By the way the same thought process that these people use to study plants is also used to study or try to cure you. Take this into consideration next time you visit a doctor. It’s okay that they may have an opinion, but never let this shape your reality.

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