In the first lessons, I teach my trainees the symbolical significance of each number from zero to nine. All mystical traditions will have strong references to the numbers. The Andean Shamanic Tradition gives special attention to the number 3. We use three main energy centers in the body. We also see the world as an interaction with three expanding energy rings around our consciousness.

Perhaps one of the most revealing attributes of “3” in ancient traditions is the counting system (article and video). Shamanism is an adaptable art, but you can still perceive the reminiscence of this system. One of the sayings my teacher would repeat is: “From none, came one, followed by two, then there were many”. At first glance this phrase doesn’t say much, but after some pondering, it is the story of creation. You can find it in a few places in the Bible. In very simple terms it also relates to the principles of Quantum Physics and matter.

As a shaman, involved in the process of improving my client’s lives on a daily basis, I use the principle of this phrase every day to bring wellness, happiness, success, health etc. into people’s lives. Try it for your self, all that is needed is to incorporate a small habit or activity to the area desired for improvement. For example, for healthier eating, add one tomato to your meal. Stick with this activity and naturally another healthy habit will follow. Before you know it and without any conscious effort many more healthy habits will find their way into your life. I am aware it sounds too simplistic, and I have been dismissed by know-it-alls, but if you try it you’ll see that after sometime the one little habit tends to be abandoned and the whole improvement never manifests. This is because the hardest stage in creation is the one that goes from none to one. That is why your first change should always be as small, non intrusive and as easy as possible. Just like a seed in hard soil.

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