When Spirituality Offends


When did being “gentle, loving and healing” become married to spiritual development? For those of us that have been ushered into this Path, we know that it is absolutely much, much more than that. Becoming spiritually aware is confusing, disorienting, it will turn your life upside down, it is filled with loss and pain. Loss of things we thought we needed but…not really; and growing pains.

On group chats I belong to, often I am singled out as: too rough, not loving, irresponsible, a bully shaman, etc. If you have come to visit me and have experienced one of my sessions you know this is not true. It cannot be because my truest desire is that humanity evolve, this is always in the forefront of my heart, mind, emotions and physical actions. The reason I may come across as insensitive is that I emulate the wisest teacher we have available to us, Mother Nature. If you were to find your self lost in a forest, you’d find magnificent beauty, but you’d also have to be mindful of dangers and survival. Life has the same dynamics. Part of being a shaman is being a teacher, so it is an obligation to demonstrate the above.

One of my initiations, involved me being blindfolded and lead to a jet black forest in the middle of the night and to walk my way back to the town in South America where this was happening. Within minutes of being left alone, I was paranoid, afraid, and unable to think…doesn’t this sound like life sometimes? Yet, I left the blindfolds on and stumbled my way to the town. A few days later the whole thing seemed surreal, but that stressful experience had developed something solid and unbreakable within me. I will carry that gift within me for the rest of my existence. It has made me stronger. When I sound rough, I am trying to convey that we all have the capacity to be strong and solid.

The above experience happened over a decade ago and I still haven’t found a way that is “loving, healing or gentle” to develop this inner strength. Being a spiritual human means having a lot a of courage, it means being a warrior (among other archetypes). In order for warriors to become heroes, they need to run toward the fire, not from it.

So, if you have read this far, perhaps it’s time to seek the most powerful you, develop and become your own hero.

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