Does Power Corrupt?


Shamanism is all about power. Decreasing what drains your power and aligning with that which increases it. As you follow the shamanic tradition or any self empowering principle there will be a gradual shift in your relation with the world towards aligning you to circumstances more beneficial to you. This “shift” will affect others around you and if they are not sensitive to energies they will perceive this as you being selfish, greedy, bullying, difficult, etc.

This happens Universally. We can see it in governments, but the easiest way to relate to it is in couples. One spouse may have been dormant in their wants and suddenly they start working towards their self development; the other spouse will naturally resist the change at first, if it requires him/her to adapt to new conditions.

Follow your Path to power, understand the above and also recognize when others are trying to do the same. Use your wisdom and not your ego as you deal with the new circumstances.

So, does power corrupt? …for you, if you stop using your wisdom, it can. In the case others, if we choose to say they have been corrupted by power, then that is a sign we are not in wisdom, but in victim mode. Adapt with intelligence and position yourself within the new circumstances that increase your power, this is what Mother Nature does.

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