DO NOT try Ayahuasca!!!


I am very very serious!

Don’t disrespect this plant spirit or yourself for that matter trying Ayahuasca. It is not life changing unless you have undergone the necessary spiritual preparations, which take YEARS!

People that have tried it, say how wonderful it was and how it changed their lives; and yet they live the same way and have the same problems. How did it help then? Ohh, they keep going back for more (sometimes due to the encouragement of the people providing them the ayahuasca). What they are doing is escaping or taking refuge in a momentary hallucination that gives them information they cannot even use on this side of reality.

Here is an article from Collective Evolution:

“Though people have come to revere Ayahuasca, a recent ABC foreign correspondent revealed a less glamorous side to the plant brew that no one seems to be talking about.”

Full Article Here

Life is a gift that is meant to be lived and through it to discover your self and divinity.



One thought on “DO NOT try Ayahuasca!!!

  1. forestshaman

    I would like to one day complete a ritual but yes feel the opportunity will rise when I am ready. I had the opportunity to partake in a similar ceremony with my spiritual teach a few year a go in India but he decided it was not time.

    I do feel this plant and its magic are being abused for commercial value which is a very sad state of affairs resulting in it not being done correctly and also draining the resources. I will wait until mother Ayahuasca calls me 🙂


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