Disliking Others


I must admit, I personally dislike people that dislike me, some part of me becomes uncomfortable when I realize they have not recognized my magnificence. Some would say that there is a lot of “ego” in those emotions. I tend to see it as “self knowledge”. My daily job as a shaman, allows me the privilege of seen hundreds of people and their inner most divine contributions to this world. Humans are such unique and elite beings. They/We are literally unlimited potential self discovering ourselves as we exist. To catch a glimpse of this will definitely change the perspective you have of yourself and the people around you.

This is also why in shamanism, we quietly smile and privately (almost) laugh at groups or ideologies that point the finger at others. If you know you are super magnificent, then just be and maybe others can learn by your example; if they want or need to. As for others, if you don’t like their ways, that is perfectly acceptable since you are magnificent, just don’t forget that not letting them be is not a magnificent trait.

This message becomes critically obvious if you watch the news. There are so many “experts” around the world, talking and criticizing so many other “experts”. Their speech patterns are very agitated and aggressive; kind of like stressed monkeys in the wild. I can comfortably share, I don’t like them at all, and yet…we shall let them be.  People that constantly look outside themselves eventually get tired and at some point discover that their inner potential is what this life is all about.

As the Temple of Apollo at Delphi read: “Know Thyself”.

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