Shaman, Not Guilty of Fraud


I have posted many warnings about fraudulent shamans and healers before; but in this case I am sharing the opposite. A shaman was sued in Korea for fraud, but the courts decided that he/she had provided a valuable service, even though the original desired outcome had not been what the clients wanted.

This says so much about the way we sometimes want to impose our will on events that happen in life (or don’t in this case) and when they don’t we are willing to go as far as trying to “kill the messenger”. I personally go through this as well, although unlike this shaman in Korea, I wouldn’t go as far as doing 133 rituals for the same desired result. Life is an ocean of energy, and flows are constantly shifting. If things don’t work out when desired, we can always try later, but very often it’s just a matter of allowing the stars to align. This is another way of saying, that certain things need to happen for others to be possible.

For the complete article on the Korean Shaman declared not guilty Click Here

Korea has a unique style of shamanism and it is very prevalent in its culture.

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