South Beach Vs. Facebook

lifeguard tower stand miami beach florida 15

Could the solution to all political conflicts be as simple as allowing humans to live in a pleasant environment with enough space and minimal intrusions from some imposed authority???

Sometimes it’s easier to relax in the couch with my tablet than to take a drive to nature. Living in Miami, I try to go to the beach at least once a week to connect with Earth and Sun, breathe fresh air and cleanse with the salt water. This last Sunday the red flag had been posted on the lifeguard shack. The ocean looked disorganized and the lifeguards where constantly whistling for people come closer to shore. At one point I disconnected from myself and started absorbing the atmosphere around me:

  • First there was the slow cool pace of a hip hop song talking about a couple seducing each other and eventually hooking up.
  • Then, the back and forth of two guys playing beach tennis with wooden paddles. They would make comments in some language I didn’t recognize, but they seemed either middle eastern or from India.
  • Kids started getting excited and a few people of all ages and colors gathered at the shore because someone almost stepped in a huge jellyfish.
  • A few seconds later, a black guys settle behind me and started talking to his friend about almost stepping on that “thing” and that next time he traveled to Miami he was going to bring water-shoes…then their conversation somehow veered off to some Eddie Murphy movie.
  • Some Latin grandpa decided to just swim as far as he wanted and the lifeguard jumped on his ATV and started having a fit as he rung a siren off of his bullhorn. The grandpa’s family, started calling him, again people started gathering and after he took his time he leisurely swam backwards towards the shore, never actually facing the lifeguard, which looked like he really wanted to chew him off.
  • Mr. Lifeguard (he looked really white and had what seemed like a military hair cut) in his frustration of having grandpa played him, decided to tell beach tennis guys to take their game behind the crowd.
  • Beach tennis guys started complaining and decided to just stand there and each take a beer from their cooler.
  • A pretty little Haitian girl, about 9, would talk to her doll in english and creole and walk up to shore and wet her doll’s feet comforting it as if it was a child’s first time in the ocean.
  • There was a German couple covering their legs from the sun (I thought that was smart they looked really pale)
  • Just close enough to hear and distinguish it but far enough not to disturb was the quick pace of another boombox with salsa. These guys were a bigger group with a whole set up, they had a couple of coolers, chairs, a mini tent, big umbrellas, etc.
  • I also walked by the shore and saw all sorts of other people and preferences in their lifestyles. I wasn’t labeling, I was just enjoying the diversity without any negative thoughts towards any of it.

I’m pretty sure there was more and that I am missing many more colorful details, but these are the pictures I have in my mind right now. These are the influences I allowed in and I was so glad I experienced it.

We were all enjoying Mother Nature together and everyone was happy, relaxed and generous with their sympathy towards each other. Each culture doing its thing and at the same time being part of the human family. I loved it all, loved their energy, speech, fashions, sounds, etc. I was so glad, I had not stayed home reading rants of angry people in Facebook.

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