What happens in a Shamanic Session

ike11Power, Alignment, Ease, Harmony, Knowing, etc…

We, shamans, are constantly aware of energy and the flows that are happening around us. Living like this creates a certain set of rituals and behaviors that naturally separate us from the average person. In time, this lifestyle starts creating a field around us. This actually happens in any field, an art gallery will feel very different from a court room or a mechanic’s shop. The people in those environments will also behave and speak in very different ways.

We all have a purpose and a work to do in this spot of time, space and human consciousness we call life. Spending time with a person that only focuses on that for you will center you. It will reset your compass. At a subconscious level you will remember who and what you really are. Life in society can be turbulent and draining but remember, hurricanes are no problem if your house is strong and well grounded.

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