Christian Church Losing Millenials


An article from “” expresses that the Christian Church is concerned that an increasing amount of people in their 20’s and 30’s are now actively seeking a connection to God through other spiritual sources and no longer through organized religion. They went as far as calling it an “exodus”. They also mentioned that the “spiritual” industry generates $2 billion annually. I would have expected that this would really motivate them to look within and see why people are no longer finding faith within their walls. Disappointingly, their position is that, “young people have no idea what they’re actually buying into”. 

They also mentioned: “Sorcery and star signs may be in vogue now, but one need only look at the preserved bodies of human sacrifices from Iron-Age Europe to know what sort of world this worldview creates. It was onto this scene that Christianity burst, bringing with it the rule of law, science, respect for individuals, and “nearly everything that is truly humane about the world we inhabit.””

Yet…I think they conveniently forgot to mention their own organized witch-hunts in the middle ages. Where it is estimated tens of thousands of innocents were killed.

From my perspective, I understand the younger generations. we are a more educated and connected world now. We have at our finger tips the access to learn anything, so while certain institutions will have their opinions and preferences. Millennials can discern and decide for themselves. My services for example can be found online and any person can inform themselves about me, see me in videos, interviews and even read other people’s opinion of what a Shamanic Experience is all about. I welcome progress and the self exploration of one’s unique spirituality and connection with the Love Supreme.

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