Oprah W. and the Wolf


Are you Wolf, Bunny or Rat?

Every time I listen to a person that could influence others, I keep that question at the forefront of my thoughts. I have found that most people tend to talk to the world as if it is full of rats and rabbits. In Shamanism, rats in part represent an opportunistic mentality and rabbits juicy opportunity or bounty. I believe that humans have the ability to change masks at any time and become either of the three animal energies mentioned. I also believe that making decisions as a wolf would yield a much more satisfying life. One in which your destiny is decided by you.

As Oprah began her speech, she described a scene where a little girl saw something in awe. I thought her speech would continue to inspire more young people in knowing that anything you see in awe can actually become your reality; yet somehow the speech went on to talk about “truth” (n very generic terms), and men that don’t listen to and/or abuse women. I don’t discredit or criticize her stories. I just don’t see her speech inspiring the inner wolf energy in young people.

I am not criticizing or disagreeing with Oprah. My intention here is to share with you, that the best attitude to give someone in a learning stage is that of the wolf. One of strength, courage and adventure. I have a beautiful faith in every person I meet. I believe we are all super stars in development. Some people I meet may behave like rats or victimized rabbits, but deep inside I always know they have a magnificent wolf within. Ready to run wild and claim its own unique dominance in this world.

May you always run with your inner wolf and may you recognize and encourage the wolf energy in others also.


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