When in a Long Term Rut

Man Sitting In ValleyA  few weeks ago I had a client that had been to a couple of healers and spiritual workers for the last few years. His particular request and complain had to do with bad luck in his finances, as he put it. When I am visited by someone that has seen a list of people before me, I understand that there is a high probability that I will be added on to that list. This also indicates that the client is in a very long and sluggish cycle, most probably enforced by his personal or thinking habits. The way around this is creating new smaller habits that will not be burdensome or contrary to the clients lifestyle  These new little habits will act as seeds that will fertilize the energetic field of my client for the real and more intense work that I will be doing at a later date.


What happens most of the time, is either the client slowly fades interest in following through with the little tasks I prescribe; or just doing something as simple as finding a stone in a park takes them days or even weeks to complete. In the latter, at least progress is still being achieved. In a way now as I am writing about this, I realize this is similar to what happens in shamanic communities in the outskirts of society. It is very common for shamans to design spirit quests for their patients. As spiritual human beings just doing something with mere intention and knowledge builds up energy towards manifesting what is desired. This is why as a mystic and a shaman I am so open-minded to other spiritual and energetic traditions and systems. In this world if you want to get from point A to point B, the vehicle doesn’t really matter much. It is just a matter of knowing how to drive it and where you want to go.

Very often, we find ourselves through our lifestyle and thinking habits going in directions we dislike. Shamans understand this and through simple mundane tasks help redirect the energy so that the client arrives were he/she desires and where is best for him/her.


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