Allowing Improvements IN your Life

il_340x270-1380817663_de21Shamanism perceives reality as an interaction of self-consciousness and the external environment. Nothing can be around you without your conscious participation in it. This means that we have a choice in who, what and how, we allow in our life. What a lot of my clients get stuck in is in switching from something they don’t like to something they would like better. These happens because we don’t release fully in order to make the space for the new to come in.

If we go back to the concept of reality just being an interaction between your consciousness and your environment, it is very simple to see it as you sitting inside a room with two doors. One door allows everything to come into your world, the world you experience, and the other door allows you to release it from your conscious experience. What happens with most of us, is that the room is full of stuff no longer needed. Life is waiting to provide you with new experiences and improvements but that new energy cannot fit within your consciousness because the older undesired energy is still there and has not been released. The room needs to be temporarily empty and this causes fear. We tend to settle for compromises or second bests instead of emptiness. Yet, “nothingness” is exactly what is needed for a little time in order for new clean energy to come in.

This concept works on many levels, sometimes it’s the energy behind the relationship you have with somebody you love. Very often we have allowed negative habits of behavior to happen between us and our loved ones, and we confuse this interaction thinking that the relationship no longer serves us. When seen from an energetic perspective we still love the person but disapprove of the type of relationship we are having. In this case we don’t need to evict the person from our conscious experience, but rather the behaviors that are part of everyday life which are disliked. This takes very strong willpower and focus, even discipline. This is not taught in organized religion or by psychologists or counselors.

Next time you want an improvement in your life, look around you and find what is mostly blocking that improvement. Next, consciously decide to avoid that behavior or activity for a specific period of time (in the Peruvian shamanic tradition I practice,  we usually use one cycle of the moon, 28 days). Do this with the intent of inviting that  desired improvement in your life.

The universe dislikes voids, and you will observe that as the undesired energy is released you perceive that void and it naturally pulls you towards filling it, usually with the undesired energy itself. Hold still and wait a little and you’ll see how the new improvement magically starts appearing in your life.

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