Shamans Vs. Developers, in Brazil

cb54-002_1899_july10_b21725It has happened before and it is still happening. Indigenous people trying to exist on their own terms, in harmony  with the land, and other alien people with money-oriented plans coming and tearing them apart with force. 

The story below, involves shamans. Knowing how we operate, I am really interested to see what will happen to the development (and its founders) if the “educated” people through their regulations and lawyers manage to take the land away from them.

Free will cannot be stopped immediately, however the spirits that these people (the Shamans) work with have time, synchronicity and chances on their side. If I were a developer, I’d really try to honor these people. I doubt they will though.

Below is the actual reported story:

“When the developers arrived, we were already here. They think that money always wins,” she said.

It is one of many such conflicts in Brazil, rich in land to be exploited and low on deeds and property records.

For land demarcation is controversial in Brazil, despite safeguards in both the constitution and United Nations guidelines that are supposed to enshrine rights for indigenous people.

About a third of almost a million indigenous people live in Brazil’s cities, according to government statistics.

The use of force:

Indigenous locals say pressure to displace them from the area has steadily increased over the years.

One November afternoon last year, Guajajara said about 10 men – some armed – and three tractors invaded the Santuário dos Pajés’ area, knocking down trees in the hope of clearing the land sufficiently to pave an avenue down its middle.

Her 18-year-old son Fetxa said he tried and failed to stop them by blocking their path. “I did not get out of the front. They pushed me forward, along with the soil, twice. I was shocked.”


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