Why Should Healers care about the FISA Memo


I have a Google news alert set up for anything relating to shamanism or healing and it is so surprising to me the amount of arrests that healers go through during the week. Most of the time it has to do with a story relating to a healer having scammed clients and charging them vasts amount of money for a service they did not deliver on. Here is this week’s latest scandal. Having been in this industry for over a decade, it really surprises that so many people fall prey to a scammer. It is also questionable how investigating authorities determine where to draw the line. I have had my share of crazy requests, from time travel to being a acting as a spiritual hitman. As any experienced practitioner will tell you there are certain universal laws that are learned very early in this path that a practitioner does not transgress.
Since the FISA memo was released last week it made me think that it would be in the convenience of larger industries to create a regulating department that would little by little hunt down and set up well-meaning healers. Maybe, some of those crazy requests, where I was offered a great amount of money, may have been a potential set up.

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