Woman Marries Herself to Herself


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I read through it fairly fast, but in short, it was a fashion show that was culminated with the designer vowing to her self in a wedding style ceremony. There was a self proclaimed healer helping her through the ceremony.

As a Shaman, I have no solid opinions about this. People are free to do as they wish. The fact that other people were present as she proclaimed certain things, would help seal energetically whatever her intentions were. As long as the atmosphere was honest and with a sense of truth.

I hope this was not motivated by the “trend” we are witnessing lately of including all sorts of labels and unions of all sorts of imaginable variations. Or worse that it was orchestrated to piggyback on the political movement of women’s empowerment known as: “Time’s Up” (#MeToo). It was mentioned in the article and that made me feel that the ceremony could have been less honest.

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