Raising Awareness??? …Really?

Awareness: “knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists”


I have read  “Raising Awareness on ______________________” many times in the last couple of years. For me, it was the abuse of animals that made me pay attention. You’d get these grotesque mini videos in social media. Usually it was a human consumption animal being killed or hurt. Somewhere in the post the words “raising awareness” were printed and then there was also something along the lines of, “share”. In the beginning, I was emotionally affected by the content, but as time passed, I started considering the people that constantly posted that content.

When considering other’s motives it is always a good idea to start with yourself . I thought, since I am a Shaman and I know of many energetic afflictions that the human condition can struggle with, perhaps I should start “raising awareness”. I thought, wouldn’t that create fear and anxiety? What if some people are dealing with struggles but are taking care of them in different ways? What if someone that never registered the existence of this, due my posts, now gets obsessed with the energetic nature of our life?

Wait, isn’t the medical, political, technological, and just about anybody with an agenda already doing this? Basically spreading tailored facts that will shift people’s thinking into a behavior that best suits their interests.

Nowadays, when I read, “Raising Awareness”, to me it actually says hidden agenda. It immediately raises my filters and defenses. The person reposting may be legitimately worried and well-meaning, but what I really ask myself is, who benefits if this trend becomes dominant. Even worse, like in the case of political campaigns, the question becomes, who gets hurt if this information spreads and is believed.

When I have visited regions that have been afflicted by catastrophes, I have observed that humans will naturally tend to help each other. In remote regions of civilization, people live a simple life and deal with what is in front of them. Rarely does someone travel hours from the nearest town to “raise awareness” to them, and even more rarely do they need it. This reminds me of the time that I asked a shaman that was teaching me about healing what he thought of “global warming”, he replied, “I’m still using the same sweaters as the past years, if it warms up, I’ll just get rid of them”.

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