Is asking for something free, a good idea?

c3ca257778bec0a8bb09f459be6def46Short answer is absolutely Not. I dislike comparing the universe to a machine, but there is a certain set of laws within our universe that act indiscriminately. A very unforgiving one, is the law of equal exchange. Even if you think you are receiving something for free, the law of equal exchange will charge you for it in one way or another.
The only time, that you may accept something for free is if  you fully intend to pay it forward. Now there are times when you may have gone through a very rough period, and the universe in its ultimate wisdom might give you a couple handouts here and there, but these are exceptions that should not be taken for granted.
Native Americans had this concept very clear. The Vikings also lived by this concept; they even named one of their runes after it. It was the rune “Gebo”, it looks like an “X”. Even mother nature at its core will operate strictly under this principle. In the region of South America where I learned part of my shamanic discipline, for example, it is believed that trees pay their rent by giving out fruit, aromas, shade, wood, etc.
In my shamanic practice, I have been amazed at how clear this concept manifests. Without exception, every single time I have given a lesson, session or ritual for free, in one way or another the result is but a fraction of what it should be. I have learned the hard way, that when I seek a result I should pay my dues in one way or another. When someone approaches me and seeks one of my services the same must be strictly honored.  The good news is that the exchange or payment is accounted for in terms of energy and the intent within your heart. You can’t really harm at an energetic level when your heart is pure. Mother Earth is like a school, we come here to evolve and leave as better souls, so keep a smile on your face, your heart pure, offer and give in-exchange for whatever direction you wish to go.

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