My Shamanic Overload

Maldi and Me

Last week was very difficult for me. I was bombarded by a back to back set of influences from people in much lower vibrations than my own. This happened in my personal life so the usual shields that use during sessions were not up. The people vibrating this energy in discord with my own, were friends and family. If it would have been strangers their energy would have not gotten as deep as it did. Also, if it would just have been one or two of them, I would have released that easily; but as it were it was from different sides of my family and different friends that don’t know each other.

I noticed it after leaving the hospital. I had gone to visit and support heal a very dear aunt of mine, but as I drove back home an intense heaviness enveloped me. My initial response was to avoid going home and go to a happy public place (i.e. a bar) with lots of people, so that the energy I was carrying would dissolve there and I could tune in to a more desired vibration. On my way to South Beach though, I just felt it better to go home and eat something and rest, I had had a long day. Once home I tuned out of my emotions and their vibrations, and after a couple of hours went to bed. The next morning, within 30 seconds of waking up, I felt an intense anger swell up. As a shaman, I am very keen to my vibrations and emotions, they feel like currents that if not conscious of their influence, will drift me to undesirable situations. To make a long story short, I tried going back to bed, then went to the gym and finally to the beach for a walk, but the anger persisted. Finally, I sat down at home and calmly asked towards empty space: “What? How can I help? What do I need to look at? I hear you, you got my attention, now let’s talk. Enough with the anger and aggressiveness…”

Since I am a multiple times initiated shaman, I did do some mystical exercises to try to get the energy moving and to find that inner stillness; but in the end it was the purity of my intention and the desire to resolve my inner conflict that got me back to an acceptable vibration. You don’t need any secrets, substances or anybody else to listen to yourself…always remember that. Know that you are already perfect, it’s just a matter of fine tuning to yourself.

I am sharing this with you today, because it’s important that you know that it doesn’t matter how spiritual, loving, yogi, vegan, open, wise, liberal, etc. you are because you are still human and will have to deal with the human condition; which is to learn and evolve while you are here on Earth. I wish I could tell you that I had some illuminating resolution or a message from above. After, an hour reflecting on the events of those days, I finally found peace when I admitted to myself that certain people close to me are no where near the standards by which I live my life. Some humans come to Earth and miss the point of it and waste their (limited) life-time in things like disrupting their fellow humans, vehemently protecting their false pride, seeking excuses to not do the right action, live with a nasty huge negative “elephant in the room”, etc.

It was painful, disappointing and disorienting when I realized what was nudging at me. Today, a few days later, I am still unsure of how I will deal with people I know I will see again, now that I have admitted to myself that they are not who I though they were (that by the way I always knew deep within me). That is something I will deal with in an external environment. Internally, now, I feel at peace. I feel inner wisdom. I feel aligned with myself, my emotions and my energy. You can’t control others, they have divine free will to use as they wish and eternity to take as long as they want to evolve, but you can always control the interactions between your external and internal worlds. This makes you wiser, stronger, healthier and a human of integrity.

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