How to be Happy by Sunrise


If you’ve ever had a shamanic session with me, you will quickly realize what I am talking about, if not just read a few more lines. The Sun rises every morning in the East. In shamanic tradition, the East is related to the element of air. Air is the medium through which information and communication travel. Even today with all our technology, our voices and wi-fi still use the element of air to transmit countless amounts of information.

The elements are constantly communicating with us. Air, tells us that our Heart is always within love, light and life. Deep within each one of our chests, our Hearts beat to a rhythm that some traditions say, goes back to the very moment of creation itself. Creation without the toxicity of the human darker emotions is always the result of pure love. Thus, our heart is always happy, always loving, always beating under that original intention. Things get complicated when we focus in the external environment, how our senses read it and how our brain translates that information. Habits of behavior, beliefs, cultural conditioning and/or just plain attitude towards life often dictates how we tend to feel. There are so many stimuli constantly bombarding this process that by the time you reach young adulthood it is practically useless trying to filter them all out. There is a more simple internal process to live happy and with internal peace. It was written long ago at the entrance of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi (Greek God representing the Sun). At the very top of the temple’s entrance it read: “Know Thyself…”.

We are beings that exist in two worlds. We have an internal reality and an external one. The external one will be the result of many other situations and people, each going in its own direction, that may or may not agree with us. This depends mostly on our vibrations, but that is a subject for another time. Our internal reality though, well, that can be exclusively ours. Understanding that our senses and thought processes don’t always need to be linked to our heart’s rhythm will already take more than half of the heavy load out of or lives. The next good news is that life is in a constant flow. Things change, unpredictable things happen, miracles are always happening, magical outcomes exist. Believe in this. Have Faith. Your  beliefs and the amount of faith you exercise are 100% under your control and they work! The Universe is always listening and always answering, live by this…

There is always a new sunrise after the night, even if we are talking about the ultimate transition out of this world. With the many people I see and their concerns, I know that life can be overwhelming, but the counterbalance to a worried mind is Faith. Observe the external world, function within it, but always feed your heart with a healthy dose of Faith. You’ll see the miracles start happening within weeks and happiness starts raining.

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