‘Spiritual healer’ knocked clients out with a drink — then Sexually Assaulted them


“People came to Christian Robles looking for divine healing, police say, but the 32-year-old man just sexually assaulted them instead.
Police arrested the self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” from New York City this week and charged him with criminal possession of a weapon, sex assault and sex abuse, among other charges, according to News12. He’s set for a court appearance on Wednesday.” 
Article from the Miami Herald. For full Article Click Here

This is why I always share stories of “confused” (to put it nicely) people that proclaim themselves as healers or shamans. To me and the effort it took me to learn my craft this is such a blow. People come for a service and something criminal happens. It shows how humans can twist things to such unrecognizable terms that it all ends in a tragedy.


I have said it so many times and even today because of this article I will receive emails and calls of naive/curious people seeking the hallucinogen.

Think about, you are taking a hallucinogen that will last for 4-6 hours and in that period of time you are trusting the people around you (that you barely know) with your well-being and care.

Many close friends, have told me that it has helped them and yet as an observant I see that their lifestyles and habits remain the same. It’s not because Ayahuasca didn’t work, it’s because when undergoing the experience, they had not been trained to focus consciousness in a specific way. It’s like giving an airplane to a child, they have no knowledge of the navigation process. Flying will be fun, but in the end you don’t go anywhere. If you are interested, consider training yourself in active visualization first. You may find that this works fine enough after some weeks. Please avoid seeking ultimate results with zero effort. Just drinking a brew is very little effort.

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