Immediate Effects of a Shaman

adoptionKnowing that it is your beliefs that ultimately dictate your reality. I am very blunt when discussing cures, procedures, healing methods and specially medical “scientific” treatments with other people.

It is incredible to me, how often unwell people will vehemently defend a medical or healing procedure they are going through for quite some time with no signs of feeling better or improving. They put their trust and faith on someone and something they barely know about. This is no different from someone that comes to me. Most first time clients know little about me, but the difference is that I will not charge them an “arm and a leg” and my work yields results right there. Very often the energy that has created a lack of harmony requires more visits, but in each, the person feels better; or the condition lessens. The improvement is factual.

Traditional healers have a very intimate need to provide a healing service to other people. You can’t do this work properly if you don’t feel it. Clients that come to us will also perceive this care and desire to help. I believe, that alone will heal more than a gazillion Dollar machine with undecipherable technology behind it. Often, after my clients leave, I feel like I just ran a marathon. I am drained and dazed, but always happy that my efforts and actions were 100% directed to the improvement of another soul’s life experience. There is a sense of sacredness and magic around an effort that comes directly from the heart. Parents probably know what I am talking about better than me (I’m not a dad).

When you go to a clinic or place of business that is designed to make profit, everything I mentioned above becomes very (very) secondary. This saddens me. Your body will react very positively to caring love, always make sure that you only allow influences and people close to it that legitimately feel this way.

May you shine in divinity and health…

Shaman Flavio

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