Shamanic Self Diagnosis


Three simple levels people in the Andes live by to attend their health:

  1. How do I feel
  2. How do I look
  3. How do others see me

It seems in modern society we skip all three and just go to the doctor for a check up. Where very often they come up with things we had no idea about.


Listen to it and it will talk with you through symptoms, discomforts, mild pains and disruptions in cycles of sleep, digestion, breathing, feminine, etc. If  any of the above happen, just do a self check of the changes in your lifestyle, diet, locations, even people around you. Be conscious and aware and keep in mind how your body reacts to certain influences. Test, confirm and readjust.

Remember with health: “easy come, easy go and slow come, slow go”. Never take any chemicals to mute the warning signs and continue with an activity, habit or behavior that your body is trying to tell you it does not approve of. If by the time you read this, you are under some sort of medical “treatment”, I encourage you to also try a verified energy practitioner. Never put all your trust, belief and faith in one system of doing things. You are unique and divine, make sure whoever treats you, does it with this Truth in their heart.

Be Happy, Be Healthy…Live, Learn and Shine!

Shaman Flavio

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