Feeling Bogged Down and Tired?


Shamanism is a very practical and common sensed kind of tradition. If tired…rest more. In modern society “bogged down” tends to be related with a lack of motivation. When you are “in the Zone” time seems to zoom past you. There is this idea that you are doing what you love and ten hours can go by and you don’t even notice them. We also tend to say things like: “Time flies when you are having fun”. We embark on finding that activity, hobby or job that will create that total absorption. In a way we are looking for something that will rob us of the time we have while here on Earth.

You don’t see this belief  very much in the outer skirts of the Andes; or other small communities worldwide for that matter. It’s not that people are lazy. It’s that priorities are different there. People in very rural areas just live life, one day at a time. Time for them has a certain consistency, and this creates a very solid psyche.

If you are “bogged down” it’s not the external world that needs attention, it’s the internal one. Relax the mind, the thinking and the desires. Sloooww Dowwwn… Adapt your external life to the rhythm within you and let everything else wait. It’s not that you are not motivated. Life as it is now, is not satisfying the way you are thinking. It is time to reflect on your thinking and realign it, so that you can peacefully move forward.

When clients come to me and complain that they have no energy or motivation, I just advise that they focus on the next step, and then the one after that. Don’t run through life, just walk and enjoy it.


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