Shaman Flavio deals with a little Physical Pain


It’s been three days since I had a wisdom tooth yanked out of me. I would have never decided to go through the procedure, except that it was damaging a healthy molar. Today my face woke up a little less swollen and the pain is down to about 8%. The reason I have chosen to share this with you is because when life has us go through situations like these, there are a couple of opportunities and processes that can be applied.

First the process. To me it felt like the energy of a storm. When the news came that I had to extract the tooth, it was like a forecast with high probabilities of thunderstorms. While I was sitting there (awake) with three people around me cutting, drilling and pulling, it literally had the energy of lightning strikes here and there with lots of gushing winds and rain. Hours and days later it felt as if the eye of the storm had passed, but I still had to deal with the sporadic pockets of bad weather that follow the storm; as some pains came and went. This situation reminded me that sometimes we go through intense disliking experiences but just as everything in life…they pass.

The most valuable time for me happened the day after. When my face got pretty swollen and certain new pains started peeking into my awareness. My jaw hurt, the upper teeth hurt as if they had cavities. My cheek felt as if someone had hit me with a bat. Then there was a headache that somehow connected to my neck and shoulders. I also had sudden surges of exhaustion, chills, sweats, light-headedness, etc. As a shaman to me all this meant that my energy was re-routing itself. This is why I did not take any of the prescribed pain medicine. I wanted to share, participate and commune with what my physical body was going through. I believe that numbing the pain, could have in some form robbed me of an experience that I was meant to have. Without pain and feeling more normal I may have also worked sooner and that was not what my body needed at that time. Providing a service while in a state of unbalance could rub off some of the unbalancing energy to your clients.

My notes, right before writing this article

Finally, I’d like to offer a suggestion. As I have mentioned before, initiation has to do with an intense experience that stimulates the senses, while inducing a new pattern. Something like this, perfectly fits the conditions needed to be used as an opportunity of self initiation. Before leaving my house for the doctor’s office, I assigned a purpose to the intent with which I was going with. I focused on a specific idea and improvement in an area of my life and I kept repeating it as pain would happen. Energetically, when we are stimulated, our aura expands and brightens and this creates small openings where new influencing energies can enter our auric field (this happens constantly in our daily life). As I repeated my convictions, this allowed only energies related to my goals to enter my field while in that moment of discomfort.My inner chatter also needed some maintenance. On the second day I woke up feeling more pain and immediately my mind started saying, “What if it gets worse? What if this is just the beginning of a complication? Maybe you should take those pain pills now? etc”. This was a moment that I first observed and then very calmly spoke back to myself, “It’s normal to feel some pain, we are healing so let’s give our physical body some time to do what it needs to do. We will be fine regardless of what happens next, just trust me. If the pain increases we will take a decision then…”. That inner conversation aligned me and gave me a sense of assurance. It was as if I had called in all of the different aspects of my being and had shared a plan and a vision for our healing and well being. Going back to the storm analogy, I shared with everyone in the house (my body) that the storm would pass, to just sit tight a little longer.

Below, I have included a 45 min audio recording of me sharing the same ideas, but from a spoken perspective. Mind you, I am still a little out of it so I will sound a bit different…

If you’d like to know more about anything I mentioned here, or for Shamanic Services/Training, please contact me below:

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