Entitlement? …but everything is a Gift!

20180905_223718I have heard about “entitlement” in young adults nowadays. I have seen it here in my session room in some of my younger clients as well. I am not a parent, so I can’t share an opinion of where this attitude originated. From whom I’ve worked with I can attest that these younger people legitimately feel powerless towards circumstances that older generations just assumed as part of life.

A shamanic philosophy would not allow these feelings to creep into anyone’s life. Everything in our material life is considered a “gift”. The warmth from the Sun, air, water. Everything on Pachamama (Mother Earth) is constantly providing “services of love” or gifts with the understanding of “Ayni” (a balanced exchange). Life in the remote areas of the Andes is not easy, but the people working the land there don’t complain. In their mind, they are providing a service to the community (in this case community also involves objects, plants and animals). Everybody is a brother or a sister and everybody cares for each other while walking over Mother.

Of course, we are human and each of us has his/her own free will. Sometimes,  preferences and disputes happen, but the attitude in the community towards this is to give the person time to reflect on their own. There are very few laws and rules and nothing is forced upon any person. It is known that if the action does not emanate from the heart, it will not function properly and will eventually wither away.

We come to this world and Mother Nature, provides what we need to experience it through the vessel of a physical body. Through out our pilgrimage in this loving planet we are also provided with everything we need to live, grow, enjoy, learn, etc. All is already there and constantly replenishing itself and everything is a Gift. Try to reflect on this notion and see for yourself the appreciation and desire of reciprocity that will flourish out of your heart.

Now, to take it to a energetic level, we humans are blessed with the capacity of consciously choosing to act out of this love. This makes the actions we take with this intention exponentially more powerful (or blessing or sacred) and that is what we shamans call “Ritual”. I do it a few times everyday. Try it one of these days, just appreciate the gifts and create an intent to bless your surroundings, I promise, you’ll be very surprised at the reciprocity within the next few days.

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