Evolution, Behavior and the Future


Would you agree that your parents see the world much different than you? How about the names and characteristics we give each generation? (ie. Gen-X, Millenials, Baby Boomers, etc). 20180824_213232We read the history books and somehow it is always assumed that people a couple of generations ago were humans with an equivalent behavioral make up as ours. The world view of a generation can actually go undocumented, because it is their conflicts and actions that take precedence in our historical records.

We can learn at least two immediate tips from this. One, we can consider this world view as the subconscious influence of that generation always directing that mass of people to act in a certain way, setting the way for generations to come. Two, we can see this transition as a result of a higher intelligence directing humanity in a very specific direction.

This is in part how a mystic sees conflicts or developments occurring with peoples of completely different races and beliefs. 20180822_0207311A grander point of view  seeks to discern that elusive influence that is behind human’s motivations, feelings, beliefs and actions. We can use this same process to improve our everyday lives and interactions. Things that happen are just the shadows of a much more powerful influence that is constantly illuminating the scenes from behind the screen of this reality. In any ongoing conflict you might find yourself in, reflect on those elusive influences that hint at people behaving or acting in a certain way. Just having the intent of doing this will focus your consciousness at a deeper level. Not only will this practice allow you understand the whole picture, but it will also give you an awesome insights into the trend of future occurrences.

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