When Things are Not Going your Way

20181215_0150337361186817703027438.jpgWe’ve all had those times in our lives that things consistently don’t go our way. Even worse is when things actually seem to go out of their way to hinder us and/or our emotions.

What to do?

My step one, is to remember the Andean Shamanic Theory that all things that occur to us happen only for two reasons: 

  1. To Bestow a Blessing
  2. To Teach a Lesson

Once that is acknowledged, my step two is to avoid running away from the uncomfortable emotions. Emotions are the bi-product of our energetic vibration; and vibration will attract more of its kind. Many of my clients, take certain medications to help them cope with their emotions. It is not my place to criticize, but I would advise that at some point the emotions are dealt with in an organic way. We do this by shifting our attitudes and beliefs towards the situation that is creating the discomfort. Even if you are being subjugated to constant negative treatment, you can always decide how you use this ordeal internally to strengthen you and make you wiser.

Lastly, take full advantage of the concept of “Resolve” . Make a decision about how you will deal with the aggravating factor and either make a deadline or take an action that cannot be undone. There are two very important conditions before taking this step though:

  1. Be Sound of Mind. Make sure your thinking is not being influenced by anyone or anything. If not…wait!
  2. Be Pure of Heart. You may be upset, but your emotions need to be leveled as you make a resolution. If not…wait!

Once these three steps are processed, “Don’t look back” (this is actually a  mystical principle; even referred to in the Bible). Move forward with your life and consciousness and be at peace that this was dealt with and it is now a thing of the past. Under no circumstances, refer back to it. Don’t make it a part of you or your life story. The quicker you release it the faster it will leave your field of life experience and allow other blessings or lessons to come to you. If by any chance, the pain/thoughts keep returning, this would mean you didn’t dealt with the situation fully and so try the three steps again.

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