Was the Inka Empire Really Decimated by the Spaniards?

A few months ago, as we were descending from the Ollantaytambo Ruins I was having a conversation with Master Q’ero Shaman Nicolas Pauccar. I was lamenting that it was sad how the conquistadors had erased so much of the Inkan Wisdom. He replied that the whole thing had been planned by the Inkas from the start. “The Spaniards fell right into their scheme”, He said. He told me, that the Inkas already knew (from prophetic signs) that their empire would soon be facing its end. The arrival of a more technologically advanced culture had been recognized as an opportunity. It was understood that the European people were quite brutal, so some friction was expected, but their shamans had informed them that a couple of hundred years later South America would be sovereign again and free from European control. He further mentioned that it was a long term plan designed to blend and modernize the people of the land. ” Oh, and don’t worry about the so called lost knowledge of the Inkas Flavio”, He said, “If it’s not with us, it means it was no longer needed” . As we were arriving to the transportation shuttle, he casually mentioned that now, it was Andean Shamanism that would be visiting their land to help with their upcoming transition.

In Shamanism, we don’t care about a past that we didn’t participate in or that maybe we don’t remember. We hold no expectations over people. We embrace what We Are, Here and Now. We welcome new patterns of behavior, because these, open energetic portals for new solutions to manifest. How the books say that history happened doesn’t matter; and if you want to spin it in a way that suits you…why not? All that matters is that you are vibrating in harmony with yourself and your power, so you can create the reality you desire.

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