God, Imagination, You and The Law of Attraction

I have talked about the three levels of reality before. In essence as things go further away from you they become less real for you. The closer they are the more they will affect you. The area I feel I have not solely focused on is the realm of imagination. If you can’t see it or hear it, basically you have to imagine it, but imagining occurs within you. In the Andean Shamanic Cosmovision, the “Realm of Imagination” is present in three dimensions at the same time:

  • Your Mind’s Imagination
  • God’s Realm
  • The realm of pure potential, beyond what is seen/heard

It could be said that all three of the above are one and the same. Considering this, what you think takes much more seriousness and direct results to your present reality. It would mean that God directly receives what you imagine and as this is happening, the realm of pure potential starts matching the vibrations to that conjuring. As the manifestation starts getting more and more dense, first you’d hear/see the “creation” , then have it at a touchable distance and finally, literally have it on you. Good examples are your finances, health, loved ones, property, experiences, etc.

If you’d like to add even more power to the concepts I have shared above, think of your words. Words are a sound or vibrational representation of things. These vibrations enter into the realm of the material perception. They can be heard with our physical senses, but once uttered they are gone. Sound is one of those creations that is metaphysical in nature. That is why prayer is practiced by all belief systems and is so effective. All mystics learn very early on to be very careful with the words they utter, precisely for this reason. Speaking in a positive tone about something desired will draw it towards you. Speaking in a negative manner will drive it away.

Without getting too technical, “touch” also plays a strong part in manifestation. Anything that is, carries vibration and it will also have a rhythm. Stick around long enough within a rhythm and that beat will become contagious. This has happened to all of us with songs. Why not use this principle to bring things into our reality. Purposely, touch and imagine to share your rhythmic vibration with objects or realizations you wish to bring closer to you. Also, keep in mind to avoid touching those things that you do not wish to interact with.

If you’d like to know more about the concepts above or would like to book a Shamanic Session in person or via Skype with me, please fill the form below:

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