Hacking Miracles into your Life

I have met very advanced Shamans and Mystics. Some would say that these people have special powers, and yet everyone of them has agreed that “Life” is a big mystery and that in the end while encased in this reality not everything can be foreseen, manipulated or influenced. Having said that, there are ways to line up energetic conditions to be more favorable for you. Here is one of those ways. Know that feeling of dismissal that is felt after awakening from a vivid dream? A few seconds before your consciousness was in an absolute reality and then you wake up and realize it was just a dream and maybe ponder on it, but eventually you get your attention to where your physical body is at. Some sages have said that is the exact type of realization that will happen after you have finished your “time” in this life experience and recognize your true self and potential. This is also why we shamans refer to this present life as the “dream” or the “illusion”. We consider “reality” to be in another dimension.

If one of the most famous mystical axioms is: “As above so below…”, then we can understand that if we dream at night, this life could be the dream of an even more real existence. If in night dreams we can do and be things that would seem impossible, and this life is not ultimate one either, then that would mean that under certain conditions, this life can also be molded to our wishes. It is the sole alignment of our consciousness, beliefs and energetic emotions that produce such a tight hold on this reality’s flexibility. Relax your focused beliefs and this reality will relax on you as well. As the strands of this matrix loosen, openings are created and it is through these that unexpected phenomenon can enter .

It is our consciousness-energy that maintains this experience so solid and dense. Shamanism and other mystical traditions teach us to detach from this density and as that takes effect, our own vibrations call in desired forms/results into our experience (this most often happens in negative ways).

Don’t take life so seriously. Don’t believe what you don’t like. Don’t allow your emotions to rattle you if there is nothing eminent touching you. Do strongly believe in miracles. Do regularly question all. Do look back and remember those time that all seemed to be going in one direction and suddenly something unexpected happened. Do realize that even your memory of an event can also be confused with a memory of a dream. Practice this type of thinking for a couple of days and your brain will start rewiring itself away from the holds of this density.

Daydream and imagine super wonderful things daily. After some days question yourself on which was more real, the daydreams or the other “actual” reality. Consciously decide that what really happened to you was the daydreams and consciously disassemble things that happened in a reality that on previous months you would have said was actual. This type of exercise will shift your reality to the vibration of your choosing.

Welcome to a Miraculous Life!

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