Are you Scared?

One of the four cardinal virtues in mysticism is “courage”. From a spiritual point of view, the most courageous thing a human can do while in his limited time here on Mother Earth is to confront “Truth”. Once you are solidly aligned with the truth of what you are and what you are doing here, trivial things in this material world will become either laughable or manageable. Know this, if your vibration is in harmony, literally nothing unwanted can touch you. If you are scared, it means there is some unknown and this means the courage to seek “Truth” is required.

Invest a little time in exploring the higher truths of life. Don’t let moments of crisis force you to it. Get ahead of the game. Don’t let any person, group, situation or ideal convince you of a fearful scenario…You are whole, You are Divine and you are unstoppable in your own magnificent self realization.

Sharply cut through the fabric of this density!

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