Why is it so Easy to Become Pessimistic?

The Sun is constantly sending us light, warmth and life force energy. We stand on Mother Earth, which is always sprouting life and creation as a physical manifestation. Humans share attributes from both the Sun and Earth. We can absorb energy from the Sun and create here on Earth in physical form. Furthermore, we can create with Free Will. We can choose how and in what direction to yield that creative impulse. Just by being alive you are always creating. If you don’t choose to direct your creative force in a positive direction dissonance will eventually occur.

Humans are a perfect harmonious creation. If we find ourselves in an environment that exposes us to dissonant energy, we will naturally react negatively to it. Pessimism is a reaction to the lack of harmony within our environment. That emotional state can be immediately redirected by exercising our own divine free will and choosing an outcome we desire to create.

In other words, while here on Earth, it’s like sitting in a moving car. If you don’t pay attention to where that car is headed, you may end up in a place you dislike. The good news is that the car is always moving, and that at any time its direction can be realigned to where you choose. At first it takes a little discipline not to succumb to the inertia of emotions produced by what we dislike. By always self checking your emotions, you’ll know if you are at ease or if you need to choose a different course of action. I can sum it all up like this for you: Feel-Observe-Choose-Repeat.

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