Giving Spirits their Privacy

Many of the people that visit me, come because they either don’t want to have some sort of an entity around them or because they perceive a loving one and want to know more. In my case, that veil is carefully knitted by a mutual sense of privacy; both from me to their side and vice versa. I was explaining to a new student yesterday that no disease can stay in the body if its vibration is not at some level compatible to its host. It is exactly the same way with being able to interact with the more sublime energies or spirits. If your vibration rate is optimal, understanding, communication and interaction becomes a normal everyday occurrence.

Once that door to the other side is open, now the concern is “who or what” can come through it. This is the time where the concept of “Respect” needs to be strictly enforced. In my case, this requires me to discover how these unseen forces are influencing certain events. There is also Flavio’s private and personal life and in these moments I am not always open for business to the other side. The exact same interaction happens the other way around. Wonderful people come to get a session here with me and as we talk, behind them I can clearly see the loving influence of a transitioned one, an angel or some more advanced benevolent entity; and yet I don’t always communicate this to the person in front of me. While I am sure most of my clients would love to know this, the vibration of the spirit he/she cannot see wants to remain behind the scenes.

I am mostly writing this article because of a very strong session I had last week. A person that came to see me that had such a strong purpose and was so heroically pushing forward. Towards the last 30 minutes of our session, a loved one appeared behind this person. It was so clear and strong that I had to make an immense effort not to acknowledge it. I did this out of respect for the passed loved one which wanted to participate and be in the room but did not want to interfere in my client’s motivation. This experience has touched me strongly and this article is my way of sharing it without violating the privacy of all of the “people” involved.

It is important that I share why this dynamic is so important to understand. Life in our beautiful Mother Earth is a school where our soul arrives with one vibration and ideally leaves (after a life-term) with a higher one. Faith is a very strong factor in this process. Doing what you know to be the right thing without being told or seeing your overall influence makes all your positive actions much more vibrationally worthy. Loving spirits know this and want you to shine with faith and inner strength and thrive on your purest own. From their perspective, if any of us where to see them and hear them while in those hard or uncertain times, the value of the lesson would lessen. In closing, I’d just like to assure you that we all have a great amount of Love and excitement on the other side. They are always there, always cheering and never disappointed, since time does not exist there. You are a unique creation on your way to magnificence. Keep going, keep Shinning!

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