Creating Unimaginable Success in your Life!

Saluting Father Sun while in Scala dei Turchi, Sicily, Italy

This material world is controlled by specific Universal Natural Laws. One of the most common ones used nowadays is the Law of Cause and Effect. We use this principle to adjust our legal system (specially in the U.S.). This same principle is repeatedly used in Science, in part, because of this we are conditioned to experience results and repeating or not repeating the actions that lead to them to either increase or decrease more desired outcomes. Mystics and Shamans agree with this view, but also remind us that we could live life in a more proactive manner. We could avoid unwanted results, by just proactively choosing only to focus on the actions (causes) we take and allow the desired results to naturally occur (effects).

Taking it a step further into the “Human Condition”, every material effect causes an emotion. In other words “cause and effect” for a human can mean “perception and emotion”. Everything we perceive in the external world produces an emotion. I am suggesting that regardless of the external word’s appearance we choose to “Feel” the emotions we desire. We are used to “Cause and Effect”, but all Effects open opportunities for Causes as well. Not emotionally reacting to the external world, but rather the external world responding to our internal emotions. As I have just written the above sentences I can already imagine many of you telling me that this is impossible. How could the “external world” know about one’s inner emotions? I could get into a long Metaphysical explanation, but I think I can explain it in an even simpler way. If you train yourself to not be fazed by things that are unimportant to your purpose, your subconscious will (in time) cooperate with you by ignoring those useless cues and paying attention to the ones that internally/emotionally inspire you.

If you are still here…now I can explain how to do this in your everyday life to create immense progress and success in whatever area you choose. First, understand that your emotions will predispose you to the situations you will perceive in your future. Pay special attention to this, particularly when feeling negative towards something. Secondly, decide on certain wonderful outcomes in your life. Know that these new situations will come loaded with new and unfamiliar emotions. Finally and most importantly, prepare yourself for intense emotions, both good and bad (usually the negative ones arrive first). These emotions will be linked to the path towards your goals. Recognize them, celebrate them and keep moving forward, because your emotional body is transmuting. By the time your emotions have evolved to the level of your desires, these will literally be all around you. As one of my teachers told me: “little people walk through little gates, but great people can only walk through great gates…”

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