Today is 9/9/19…Magical!

Take a sec to consider the Power of Nine! Magical time to release the unneeded and embrace the new! (I also added some mystical language in the photo for my student’s rituals) .

The symbol that represent the number “nine” consists of a circle with a tail on its right lower quadrant. In symbolism, the circle represents completion. The number nine means that we are about to or have achieved a new level, however the “tail”, reminds us that it was an uphill endeavor to get there, so once in the peak one should always look back and remember where one came from and to lend a hand to those behind us. That same “tail”, also reminds us that it can be a very slippery slope right back to where we started, so while hiking up towards a goal always remember to release unwanted energy, relations, baggage, toxicity, etc.

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