The Boy and the Tree

Every so often the boy would take a stick, go out to his backyard and play sword fight with a bush. He’d imagine that he was in the Amazon and that he was being attacked by savages. He’d beat and slash at a few plants, but one in particular was sturdier and had just the right shape. After a few minutes of playing, he’d feel proud of his skill and head back home for a cold glass of lemonade.

The bush, would get back to doing what was in its nature. It would heal what it could, deal with the broken limbs and as best as it could would continue growing upwards, ever seeking to get closer to the Sun and the Stars.

The years went on, more combats happened in the boy’s head and the bush continued surviving. Sometimes it would look as if it wold not make it to next the season. It’s trunk and leaves would be very damaged but the roots kept going. As the boy grew, going out to beat a plant didn’t seem so interesting anymore.

Eventually the boy became a man and the bush became a tree. Nowadays the man sits under this tree and enjoys it’s beauty, shade and fruits. The man also hugs this tree and calls him his friend. He’s apologized often for having been so blind when younger. Once the man dozed off and as he slept the tree replied: “I have never had hard feelings for you, I was blessed not to have eyes, ears or senses that felt what you were doing, so don’t be so hard on yourself, you were growing in your own way too. My senses were only focused in doing what was true to my nature”

Know your nature and be true to it…

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