The Knight and the Dragon

I promise you that if you take any day of your life randomly and break it down, indubitably you’ll find your inner dragon and your inner knight dealing with each other. Some mundane belief systems will have you believe that the dragon must always be defeated by the knight, but as your shaman, I look at it from a more wholesome angle. Shamanism teaches us that Mother Nature is at all times in perfect balance. It also shares that in any environment you will have the passive and the active forces co-creating; this can also be explained as the predator and prey dynamic.

In folk tales, the dragon usually lives in a cave and it either guards a treasure or has kidnapped the princess. It can fly and can also blow flames onto anything it desires. As for the knight, it usually means a brave and honor bound bachelor, covered in a shining armor. Let’s consider for a second that both the dragon and the knight are acting in good faith and that their conflict is just a misunderstanding. Both are formidable forces and both can exist in the same landscape under the proper leadership. Key word: Leadership!

Why would you like to constantly be gearing up internally to slay or be slayed, when you you could learn to communicate with your inner self and govern your inner kingdom fully? One side is more raw and untamed, while the other is disciplined and restricted, but both are You! …and both are precious. When dealing with an inner conflict, don’t be the dragon or the knight; be the magician that can communicate with both. Try sitting down quietly and telling yourself a story in where a magician was able to find a magical solution to an ongoing conflict between these two forces. This after all is the language of your subconscious mind. Know that you are perfect and magical. Every component within you is supposed to be there and hold immense potential for your inner power. Love and embrace yourself fully and focus your efforts in always understanding yourself.

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