The Q’ipu, One of the Purest forms of Inka Manifestation

An extremely effective and simple form of energy healing I learned in the Peruvian Andes is the “Q’ipu”. Basically, it’s a string with certain types of knots in it that trap the energy/intent desired for an outcome. You don’t need to know too many technical details; basically pre create a knot’s loop, concentrate in the desired outcome, take a deep breath and slowly blow that intent into the knot’s loop as you tighten it. Once this is done, the string is fully charged up and in effect acts as a magnet for the desired manifestation.

You can create more knots within the same string to increase its power. Once the string is fully knotted you can run the string through your fingers using the knots as beads chanting the desired outcome with each passing one. You can additionally tie the string to a power spot ( ie. flower garden, wellness center, ancient site, holy place, magical tree, etc) and allow it to communicate with Nature’s Powers to send out the desired outcome like a beacon. The possibilities are endless and the potential for miraculous outcomes are endless!

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