Observe to Avoid or Embrace

Every time one of my clients complains about how terrible their ex is, I always ask them to tell me how they originally met that person. Within that story there will always be warning signs that the ex had toxic habits to begin with. Things like the person in question is either finalizing a divorce, getting out of a “toxic” relationship, being or suing someone, getting out of a complex legal situation, fixing their financials, etc. There is always something going on in the culprit’s life. Energetically this makes 100% sense for me as a shaman. It doesn’t mean that this is a bad person, but it does hint that there is some sort of a lesson in effect and it may have not been learned yet. It’s natural for humans to run away from discomfort, but we come to life to learn, so the opposite usually serves us better. Next time you meet a new potential friend or partner, observe if the tone of their story is about running from something or rather dealing with something that needs resolution. Keep in mind that their behavior is most likely the same you’ll encounter if in the near future you two find yourselves in a conflict with each other.

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