Want more Abundance in your Life? Think Value!

Abundance is a vibration with its own sets of preferences and rejections. If you’d like to invite more of this energy into your life, then just fine-tune your preferences and rejections in your offerings of value to the Universe. In other words, spend a little time here and there reflecting on what you are willing to give of value and what you are not. Your abundance is a reflection of your inner state anyway, so as long as you are in agreement with yourself, things will naturally flow your way (in what is perceived as positive or negative to you).

Ask yourself questions like: How much time am I willing to dedicate? Why would I want to offer this to the world? What is needed out there that I can provide? When am I willing to give this? How much of myself am I capable of providing? Who do I want to work with? etc. These type of questions will fine tune your inner magnetism and will communicate to the Universe the best ways for opportunities to arrive to you.

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