3 Forces That will Never Abandon You

Where ever you are in life from a toddler to your deathbed until the very end as long as you are human these three forces will never leave you:

  1. Life-Force! Regardless of how you “feel”, your body will ALWAYS seek life and health. Trust that inner Mother Nature wisdom, and pay close attention to how your body is talking to you through what feels good and not. When things look bad, let go and allow nature to take its course. Never force unto your nature.
  2. Curiosity! This is one of the main characteristics of human babies, and it never leaves you it just gets more complex as you mature. Always seek, explore, learn, discover, etc. This force keeps you useful under the eyes of the Universe. This is also the force that will always naturally guide you to your purpose. It will keep you young, vibrant and healthy. Ohhh, and very important that which is learned MUST be shared to your fellow humans, don’t forget that!
  3. Light! We are all in different stages of spiritual evolution, but regardless of who’s where, all humans come into this world with “Conscience”. For Mystics it’s knowing the difference between what is darker and lighter. Even without eyes plants will always try to reach the Light, and so will you! There will be hard choices to make sometimes, but as you choose the light your Spirit will flourish. Your inner strength will dramatically increase. Not only will you become unstoppable, but this lifestyle will naturally gain you trust, respect and love from your fellow human brothers and sisters.

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