“I Want” Vs. “All is Good”

The original headline was “I Want Vs. I Am”, but I decided to change it because the popular implication was going to give a different message. As creators, we prefer not to “want” things because this immediately puts them in a pedestal. It implies that we are here and what we want is “there”.

Animals need very little to be in a constant state of harmony and contentment. This is because they are self sufficient. You are as well! You are right this second, perfectly equipped to think, remember and even will a better mood for yourself. Doing this raises your vibration. Higher vibrations magnetize the elements to keep you in a higher state. Avoid wanting, rather acknowledge your inner power and say: “I am Good, thus all is Good and that ____________(desired outcome/object/person) is good as well; it can naturally flow in my life”. See how this changes the perspective dramatically? you are literally giving an external vibration permission to come in to your already perfect realm. Be self sufficient and become a creator!

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