Embrace your Ego!

Your Ego is an intrinsic part of you and it is to be understood, loved and patiently indoctrinated. It is a construct of your super amazing mind. Created to help you cope with this world as an self governing individual. It is a filter that creates the illusion that we are separated energetically from the “All”. This unique perspective helps us make transcendental decisions on a moment to moment basis in order to experience and grow as souls within this material realm.

You are barely your ego. You are mostly your Soul, but the ego is a part of you and it is designed by Mother Nature to help you navigate among others while you evolve here. Talk to yourself with the intention of addressing your ego and remind it that You are infinite, divine, magical, indestructible and ever loving. Seek inner calmness and peace in the current moment and gently tell your ego:“See? Everything is good!”

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